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Das Angebot von Harzite richtet sich an alle Firmen, Verbände, Vereine, Gruppen und Privatpersonen, die schnell und kostengünstig ihre Infos, Produkte und Dienstleistungen im Internet präsentieren wollen.




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Wir leben im Informationszeitalter und das Internet ist das Kommunikationsmittel der Zukunft. Auch wenn der sogenannte Datenhighway manchmal eher einem Feldweg gleicht, ist das Internet  die Plattform für elektronische Medien.
Führende Elektronikhersteller haben Fernsehgeräte mit integriertem Internetanschluß herausgebracht. Die Zugangskosten sind tragbar geworden. Das heißt, der Zugang ist nicht mehr nur den PC-Freaks und professionellen Usern zugänglich, sondern für jedermann, und zwar finanziell wie auch mitunter ganz einfach über die Fernbedienung.

In diesem wachsenden Markt bietet sich gerade für Firmen eine interessante und kostengünstige Alternative bzw. Erweiterung zum Bereich der Werbung in Printmedien an. Zwar erreicht eine Webseite nicht die Aufmerksamkeit einer Anzeigenkampagne, ergänzt und vertieft jedoch den Informationsgehalt und ist obendrein für einen Bruchteil der Kosten weltweit und permanent verfügbar.

Eine Internet-Präsenz ist die virtuelle Eingangshalle eines Unternehmens.

Öffnen sie Ihren Kunden die Tür!

Beauty on the internet: the best websites to buy cosmetics and products ‘beauty’

Belleza en internet: webs para comprar cosméticos

Online sales do not stop growing and the world ‘beauty’ does not escape this trend. Increasingly there are more websites where you can make the addicted to cosmetics with their whims in a fast and easy way.Internet allows products from exclusive brands that are otherwise difficult to buy. Here’s our selection of websites to buy unique beauty products.

1 -Laconicum offers cosmetics, hard to find in our country for women, men, pregnant women and babies, and even for the home. It has brands such as Swell, Treat Collection, Root Vanish or Glov exclusively in Spain . Currently offers nearly 40 firms that come from countries as diverse as Australia, New Zealand, Iceland, the Netherlands and Denmark. Its founders, Anabel Vázquez and María Martínez, claim sell cosmetic “as a channel for emotions”, but in fact each product sheets come with its own story.

2. If you are looking for is natural cosmetics, your site is como usar lift x. International, carefully selected natural cosmetics: cosmetics, organic, natural, effective and quality for women, men, pregnant women and babies. Many of the products offered by this Spanish online shop are certified and guaranteed by honors and international awards. Some brands, such as Aloree, Lodesse, Marula and Moroccan Natural, are exclusive.

3 le Secret du Marais offers a selection of perfumes copyright carefully chosen by experts and enthusiasts of the fragrances that runs this site which also has a physical store in the Centre of Madrid. Gems such as La Maison Francis Kurkdjian, Diana Vreeland or By Kilian creations can be achieved in this Parisian corner. A paradise in which to choose a perfume unique and exclusive. His final entry are the extravagant creations of Naomi Goodsir. They also offer some facial and body cosmetics firms.

4 – net – Porter, the giant of fashion, in the change of shareholders (joins Yoox), was the first to offer its own cosmetics of high quality in the network section. In the perfect place to find luxury brands such as cosmetics Christian Louboutin Beauty, Hourglass, Kevyn Aucoin, Anastasia of Beverly Hills, Charlotte Tilbury or By Terry and facial treatments from Tata Harper, Ren Skincare, Dr. Jackson’s or Amanda Lacey, among others.

5. in Ikons Gallery you can find cosmetics, perfumes, ideas and inspiration that define the life style they call: the style Ikons. According to their website: cosmetics that make a difference for its ingredients, its unique formulation, its rarity, exoticism or high efficiency with respect to the rest.Independent cosmetic, with a story behind every product, hard to find in Spain and respectful with the environment and animal friendly. Of niche brands: Bioeffect, Dr. Dray, Bioxidea, Ilia Beauty, Prtty Peaushun or Archangela.

6 – Nedokoro (formerly mimatupelo.com) offers Professional, natural, organic and biological products of more than 40 brands at affordable prices. In addition to more popular as La Roche Posay, Weleda or Schwarzkopf signatures, the Spanish web offers also other lesser-known as Dr. Paw Paw, Naobay, Kueshi, Per Purr or Natura Siberica. Beauty for women, men and children.

7. the desembargo from ASOS, the fashion world on the Internet giant, in Spain was a true revolution. But in addition to fashion, the British website also sells beauty: makeup, treatments for the face, body and hair gadgets ‘beauty’… You can find brands like Eyeko, Bourjois, Rimmel, ghd, St.Tropez, Korres, stila cosmetics, James Read, etc.

8. for the lovers of the Korean cosmetics, Wangbii is a good choice. In addition to a physical store in the Centre of Madrid, the site provides nationwide cosmetic creams for the face and body, masks (the flagship of oriental cosmetics) and nail polish of Korean brands like Missha, The Etude House, Holika Holika, Lioele, Skin Food, or 3W Clinic Cosmetics, among others.

9 – Marta García Boutique is the shop online niche cosmetics and professional Centre of health, beauty and well-being Marta Garcia beauticians. In addition to beauty tips, in this website you will find products of high selective cosmetics, ecologicas-biologicas lines, niche, professional cosmetics only present in institutes of beauty, nutricosmetics, make-up, select tea and even scented candles brands.

10. in deCULTO you will find beauty products brands exclusive without presence in Spain as alison raffaele, Chella, Face Lace by Phyllis Cohen, Glam Hours, Joline, ko denmark, Percy & Reed, Pixi, Rae Cosmetics, Rockalily or Solar Protection Formula. Products that according to reports in your website come from laboratories with very well-kept, small and custom productions.

And if what you want is an “all in one” or try before choosing the product that is best going, perhaps interest you subscribe to experience ‘Guapabox‘, a ‘beauyt’ box thanks to which every month you can try a selection of innovations of high cosmetic.

Evaluation of health websites: overall rating of the quality scale sites

Then the overall score obtained by each site and assessed the scale of quality achieved is presented. As shown in Figures of Weight Scales Canada, ten sites tested, six obtained overall ratings between 64% and 74%, indicating a level “Regular” according to established quality scale.

The lowest scores correspond to four sites (between 42% and 58%): “Evil” as the quality scale.Finally, just a web site reached an overall rating of 77%, which means a level of “good”.

Average heuristic parameters and quality scale

In Figure 2 the averages of each parameter and scale of quality achieved for the 10 sites are presented.

As shown, the weakest parameter is the search, with 3% of rating followed by the parameter Structure and Navigation 60%, both cases represent a level of “bad” as the quality scale.Meanwhile the Labelling parameter reaches a value of 62% representing a value of “Regular”.

Graphic design parameters, Content and Services, Overview, Style and Writing scores obtained 75%, 80% and 81% respectively, representing a level of “good”. The Tool Use parameter reaches a score of 82%, which represents a level of “good” as the quality scale. Figure 2. Average heuristic parameters evaluated in the 10 sites.

Movie Script | Create your movies online website

Movie Script beta is a script created in PHP with Smarty, to create your own web page to play or watch Free Movies Online.

The script is very simple but very functional, use Smarty to separate the HTML of the PHP code so is easier to edit the design. I want to thank JNeutron because guide me in your code structure.

Caps / screen-so of the Script
Movie Script Tu web para peliculas online

Movie Script Tu web para peliculas online

Movie Script Tu web para peliculas online

The system consists of an administration panel to create and edit movies and/or categories.

10 indispensable books on Digital Marketing

For several years now we have a long list of books of digital marketing , written by Spanish authors or worthy of becoming part of what could be the Hispanic ideal library of digital marketing.  In this line we have allowed ourselves the license selecting for the second year what for us would be the essential digital marketing books and we’d share with you. To complete the list of the 10 best books of digital marketing need your opinion. The 10th book in the list you choose you.     

The books are selected recent books . We also trying to treatdifferent issues framed in the broad field of digital marketing. We leave the list of selected books and a special draw that certainly more than one will interest you and we organize thanks to the willingness to cooperate with the authors of these 10 publications. Go ahead our gratitude to all of them.      

Receive books signed digital marketing and dedicated by their authors?

To do so leaves the end of this article, a comment with the name of your favorite book of digital marketing that is not on this list. Each comment will carry a serial number on it and a draw in which the winner will receive 10 books signed with a dedication will be held.

The 10 essential books of Digital Marketing

1.  How to succeed in social networks.

digital marketing books

In this book, one of the leaders in the digital marketing, combines many practical tips to get everything that you set out on the Internet. And you can also get a lot more out of your social networks. The purpose of the book is to answer many of the questions users have social networking when they start to use them.



Manuel Moreno:  Journalist. Chief editor and founder of TreceBits.com Kelisto.es.

2.  Triunfagram

digital marketing books

This book is the first thing specific about the social network Instagram.In it you’ll find 330 pages of strategies, tips, and other tricks to succeed in this social network. In addition, the book includes 77 different types of content to shine on Instagram and 8 editable templates. This is certainly the perfect book if you want to take your Instagram account to another level.






Vilma Nunez: Vilma Nunez is the multifaceted entrepreneur, speaker, teacher and consultant for Content Marketing and Social Networks.

3.  Who am I to do this

digital marketing books

This book is a guide that will help you achieve your entrepreneurial dreams. You’ll find tips and tricks to train your mind to potential obstacles you encounter in your professional career. It is ideal for those who want to build your business and grow professionally book.



digital marketing books


Laura Ribas:  Founder of the Institute for Business Growth. In addition, he is an expert in business building and marketing and sales.


4.  Advanced Guide Community Manager

digital marketing books

This is the second book of Juan Carlos Mejia and he found the definitive guide for anyone Community Manager and digital marketing professional who wants to be a great professional in this field.Furthermore, this book also provides clues you to strengthen your personal brand.




Juan Carlos Mejia Llano:  Social Media Manager at Invamer and author of this book.

5.  Marketing Growth Hacker

digital marketing books

In this book you will find an introduction to a change of mentality, a new way of thinking. This work is steeped in the philosophy of the new marketing and reflections on how startups work.





Holiday Ryan:  Ryan, American by birth, is an expert in marketing and graduated in political science and creative writing.

6.  Twitter for lawyers

digital marketing books

This book is a tool that will help not only to lawyers, if any labor, you get the most out of your Twitter account. In it we find strategies and actions that may enhance and develop the personal brand of each.





Esmeralda Diaz Aroca:  personal branding expert and professor at graduate in digital marketing.





Roberto Espinosa:  Roberto is a specialist in marketing and business strategy.

7.  Know Mads

digital marketing books

In this book you will find a place to reset the ideas and customs that are obsolete in the labor ecosystem to improve our future employability. Will help you develop your own action plan.





Rock Raquel:  Raquel is a journalist, lecturer in marketing and master digital speaker.

8.  Facebook Ads from scratch

digital marketing books

With this book you will enter the most complete as possible on advertising on Facebook Ads. You can learn in detail how to define your strategy, your daily budget and what public platform to optimize your investment choice, among other things.




Roberto Gamboa:  Roberto is now publicist expert training and advertising on Facebook using the Facebook Ads tool.

9.  SEO: Advanced Techniques

digital marketing books

In this book we find a fantastic methodology where online marketing professionals who need advanced knowledge of SEO techniques and find tips to highlight against your competition and gain a good search engine positioning.




Fernando Macia:  Founder and CEO

10. The Alchemist (novel)


Click alchemist pdf to read this novel online for free.

Upload a movie to YouTube is not a criminal offence, said the Argentine justice

The crime Chamber dismissed a lawsuit initiated by Pampa Films against a group of users who put a chapter of the movie Deadpool for all Youtube user to watch online on this website and also on another server as known as http://project-free-tv.to/  (more detail, please click to watch Free Movies Online)

The crime Chamber dismissed the administrators of the site YouTube in a lawsuit initiated by the publication of a film that had copyright after an accusation by the economic benefits that were obtained.

In his ruling the room V of the Chamber considered that there was no criminal offence and left open the possibility of actions for damages on copyrighted works, but he dismissed a criminal sanction.

The cause was initiated by a complaint of the production company Pampa Films, because on YouTube it was published a fairy tale film, starring Ricardo Darín, on which it has intellectual property rights.

La película Un cuento chino está protagonizada por Ricardo Darín
A fairy tale film is starred by Ricardo Darín.

The producer said that the site had posted the film for nine months, was seen by 196.966 people and profited economically with advertising that touts during playback of the film. Thus, reported to the administrators of YouTube (now owned by Google) and users who published the video.

The responsibility of YouTube

“The essential feature is that the contents that are uploaded to YouTube are not known ahead of time by those who administer the site and, in fact, in the majority of cases come from footage of individuals, issues private, or media, or the positive decision to broadcast free by those who have recognised rights on a work, etc.” said the Court, and recalled that the site has about 800 million users.

In that sense, the judges explained that “the responsibility of the site recently will be present, ex post, when which invokes the holder of a right character put it effectively into knowledge”, and added that in this case YouTube withdrew the film when it was warned.

What happens with those who climbed the film

The Court also referred to the role of the users who published the film and said that the accusation that fits them is fraud, a criminal type that requires an economic benefit through a deception resulting from injury to the victim, which is not given in this case.

The waitresses detailed that users did not get any benefit and the film was published entirely with their credits and without any modification.

The judges also felt that this type of multimedia content and, in general, the use of the Internet, sites generates risks but that they are accepted.

“The Web site whose liability lawsuit against it aims to criminalise plays videos online, i.e. provides a service to upload contents and its essential feature to socialize cultural information worldwide, they give an outstanding condition”, said the judges.

“This puts in evidence that, although we are faced with a risky activity, for the benefits mentioned above in the dissemination and promotion of cultural contents, is accepted as a permissible risk,” they said.

20 most creative ads of health care products

The Pantene brand, a subsidiary of the multinational Procter & Gamble, is not only famous for its hair care products, but also for its advertising, brimming with creativity. With the hair always like leitmotif, Pantene shows with ads at spongecurls.com that it is a brand that does not have “a silly hair” and that really knows how to put in the Pocket consumer. Then we collect some of the most creative brand listings:
























Facebook and Google will not allow advertising of marijuana

Un usuario de Facebook.Companies of Facebook and Google will not allow Marijuana Cleanse sellers to advertise in their Web pages, even if potential customers browse from regions where their consumption and marketing is legal.

The information has been confirmed by spokesmen for both companies, who have pointed out that not modify current policiesthat prohibit the promotion of marijuana, while the advertising on these web sites can be segmented geographically showing ads only in certain areas of the world, according to their statements to the ‘GigaOM’ portal.

“The risk of changing the current rules to allow ads for the promotion of cannabis in certain States or countries where he has spent to be legal is too high”, explained the spokesman for Facebook, Tim Rathschmidt.

Five cloud services that help you with the accounting of your company

SMEs and freelancers are daily with new options to carry out the control of income and expenses of your company. Next to the ‘traditional’ programs, small businesses increasingly have access to more programs “in the cloud” to be able to control your business wherever they are. In this article we show you five perhaps can give to a.

Quickbooks Bookkeeper 

Perhaps the great advantage of this tool is that it is in Spanish. This alternative, available only for freelancers and SMEs, can take the input and output of monetary flows of the company as well as manage the outstanding issue invoices, qualify the already charged, revenues, expenses, investments…


With a completely free plan, this web application allows controlling income and expenses in a very simple and visual. In addition, it offers the possibility to attach files such as receipts or bills and thus have everything well-ordered.


If you are looking for is a web service that small expenses having our company (purchase of material that has been finished or transport) on a daily basis we can go to this tool. With email as an ally, we can send an e-mail to the application so that you write down all those small monetary flows.


With the option of controlling the money through objectives, this web service keeps track of income and expenses on a monthly basis so that we know how it ends our box in the 30th of each month. The only but that we can find this tool is that it can only be set to work in U.S. dollars.


In addition to being a web service like the rest, it has extensions for mobile and an API to use tool from others. Thus, we can manage bills, income, payments, banking operations, data of customers, sales and other corporate information.

The 10 advantages of advertising Online

No wonder the fact that brands and companies are in constant search for more effective ways of communicating with their consumers. Large or small, companies want to reach the largest possible number of potential customers with your advertising messages. In principle they need to be in the minds of users to be able to motivate them to that purchase their products or services and, if possible, making it recursively, making further recommendations to friends and family.

Many of these companies have discovered the Internet and online advertising a platform accessible to their targets, leaving behind, or at least in the background, which until now have known as traditional advertising.

This becomes more evident in small companies that may not be visible with
investments of thousands of dollars at the beginning of its operations, something which, however, is
to the fingertips with online advertising.


The Online advertising or Internet, as well as the traditional, allows us to show us tolarge number of potential consumers, but a form of advertising and other differences are increasingly greater.

Although the list could cover other areas, then share some of the
main competitive advantages that a brand or company you can enjoy with advertising

  1. Coverage: the Online advertising is available the 24 hours of the day 365 days of the year, allowing any company to be visible and accessible to millions of people around the world with their offers and promotions.
  2. Time-saving: unless we have in mind to work on a multi-million-dollar online campaign, the reality is that with free tools and lot of creativity we have available our ads online in a question of minutes, something impossible to achieve in newspapers, radio or television ads.
  3. Formats varied: on the Web, unlike any other medium, converge an infinite number of formats. The inventiveness that can be exploited with the Digital advertising today is much bigger now that we can see on television, for example. Moreover, with the growth of technology and the digital platforms development barriers continue to knocking down with what the possibilities are virtually limitless.
  4. Flexibility: as we make our announcement online in a matter of minutes, it is the fact that we can update or modify it equally fast if you are require to optimize the results.This is not possible with traditional media that require time and additional costs, sometimes quite high, for setting change or adapt strategies. Thus, along with the variety of formats provided by the medium, today we can do things that until not many years ago were unimaginable, and achieve with these actions the user to react – in favour or against – our brand. This flexibility allows us to, for example, with a same ad direct users to different pages of landing or “landing pages” depending on its origin. And it is that in the end the limit of Online advertising we make it.
  5. Low cost: generate ads for the Internet is not only quicker and easier; It is also much cheaper than doing so for traditional media. Unless we have designed a very ambitious online plan, by an unthinkable investment for the radio, press or television it is feasible to have presence in digital media and reach thousands of people. If we add to this that there are tools on the market gatuitas for ourselves us our campaigns and give them follow-up, the potential that opens before our eyes is immense. Google with its AdWords and Facebook with their Ads are tools that, even without being experts, we can successfully use, investing only on the basis of the objectives we want to achieve.Obviously, when it comes of new media and new technologies, have the support of companies that, as Media Interactive Group [MIG], with years of experience in the implementation of online campaigns can be very helpful, because we will guarantee a return on investment or ROI very high.
  6. Segmentation: the possibility of segmenting the market to which we want to go is crucial within the Online advertising. The interesting thing is that in the case of Internet and social networks this goes far beyond the segmentation geographic and demographic, allowing that the owner can perform segmentation psychographic, that are those who respond to lifestyles, personality and behavior and purchase variables.
  7. Bi-directional communication and interactivity: the possibility that the receiver can become a transmitter and transmitting your own ideas is another big advantage of Online advertising. Understand that we can receive answers or reactions immediate to our advertising is a benefit that well managed can reflect on great sales, especially because this information is key to manage our campaigns based on these data and psychographic segmentation.
  8. Effectiveness: with the advent of social networks Online advertising has reached levels that no traditional media has come. And is that thanks to the network S ociales can amplify our marketing messages and reach people who otherwise never would have touched with our advertising. Today are the same users which magnify our messages, with which the effectiveness is measured in exponential terms.
  9. Reliability: fear and unbelief that reigned among surfers at the dawn of the Online advertising, and especially the feeling of helplessness and vulnerability of the users to the uncontrolled harassment of email messages are a thing of the past. Today the Internet is increasingly willing to open promotional emails and click on banners and various advertising formats to know what offers have for big brands. And better still, in viralize those contained when they consider it beneficial to your circle of friends.
  10. Measurable: all this is possible under strict processes of measuring results, something that traditional media have not been able to provide with the immediacy and reliability allow us free platforms like Google Analytics.

What we should not presuppose is that with so many advantages the Online advertising has no risks. Although the desventajes are few, it is important to have them present for not incurring them.

  • Saturation: the proven effectiveness of these techniques has made us increasingly vulnerable to advertising messages. This saturation leads us to be more selective, so digital strategies require us equally more inventiveness.
  • Limited: Online advertising, say it has only come to those consumidroes who have Internet, that somehow can become elitist, although with the penetration of Internet in the world and in particular, with the rise of the mobile web, is a risk that every day weighs less. Greater limitation in this respect is being manifest more in bandwidth that same access to the Internet, something that will surely also be should go addressing.
  • Slow: may be relevant to note that the Online advertising produces slower consumer effects, partly because it is competing with one much larger number of advertising messages.
  • Hazardous: Although controls have been increased with the passing of time, actions such as “phishing” are still an undeniable risk for many Internet users who must take all feasible precautions to avoid being prey to cyber criminals or “hackers“.

In summary, thanks to companies like Google, Facebook and Calgary youtube video, among others, Internet has been become the world’s largest commercial showcase, so to grow a Mark modern companies cannot rely on the Digital advertising, either alone or in the hands of a specialist.

50 Shades of Grey: laughs network with Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan

The genius of the Internet is endless and appear to have found a vein in 50 Shades of Grey. The story, with its themes and the relationship between its protagonists, seems to have a lot of http://www.movie2k.io/ how good!

Since the launch and jump to the popularity of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele, the story created by the James has been evolving steadily. The first phenomenon fan was created with books, of course, but the real strength and followers surge came with the jump to the big screen. Literature, film, television and social networks, and has been the flow of creations about 50 shades of Grey. In this transmedia universe that has orchestrated, which was born as soon film is converted by fans (and detractors) in ingenious works they will viralizando through the network. Can you collect all created in social networks? Images, amazing montages, youtube parodies reactions of a group of grandmothers to the book, everything. If the other day we saw the reactions of netizens on Twitter about Jamie Dornan’s penis in 50 Shades of Grey, now comes the turn to the ingenuity that we have found on the net. In meltybuzz we have imagined with memes how would the relationship of Jamie and Dakota Johnson in Whatsapp or the time of submission to the laws. Another new dose of laughter and skits about one of our favorite stories, like what? Attention! What do you think? Click to download fifty shades of grey PDF now!

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